Working with Inde, you can rest assured that you will achieve the benefits an optimised NetScaler implementation can bring to your business.

Our involvement level can be scaled to meet your requirements. We can provide ad-hoc services such as a brief review on your current implementation or assistance with implementing new or additional services right through to providing full design, installation, disaster recovery configuration and ongoing support and maintenance.

We can ensure your stakeholders and customers are having a great experience and you are getting the most out of your investment. Discover potential gaps, review and optimise configurations, get capacity out of your existing servers/services and avoid unnecessary expenses. Vast functionality is available within this fantastic technology that we can help you unlock and apply to your systems to get maximum value.
Our expert engineers can assist on how your NetScalers are managed and changes are made from Development to Test and Production systems. We can help answer questions like “How can I roll back changes”, “Can I test the fail-over process” or “Show me how to see who’s accessing our systems” and implement supporting practices and tools.
We can design a plan that matches your vision and define what role NetScalers can play in expansion, increased SLAs, consolidation or shifts to cloud platforms. We can help you plan for scenarios such as these and ensure your company can take full advantage of the flexibility NetScalers offer.
We are trained and certified for Enterprise Mobility, App and Desktop Virtualization, Networking and Enterprise Cloud solutions. We can share with you the Citrix vision and strategy, understand your pain points and present the appropriate Citrix solution for your needs including hardware and software sales and service.

Additionally we offer tiered maintenance and support plans to ensure that you are not only getting the best support but you can trust your systems are optimised, secure and monitored.

Key benefits of using Citrix NetScaler

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